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We open the Gallery with a collection of paintings, sculptures and photographs from the imagination and hands of J. Larry Nance, Marsha Dickey, Juergen and Gisela-Heidi Strunck , John Bozeman and Max Corneau whose commonalities are singular moments frozen in time, moments that have been held for years on the one hand, and on the other another the apex of light years in the realizing the images as paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs.

These extraordinary pieces are woven out of natural impressions, some subtle, others hard and glaring and overwhelming in their size, distance and emotional impact. Costs include shipping, handling and Texas sales tax.

Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints

Juergen and Gisela-Heidi Strunck are magicians.

They are a team of extraordinary artists, Juergen a consummate print maker and Gisela-Heidi sculpting assemblages in mixed media.

Juergen and Heidi's work grace collections and museums around the world. Juergen has taught and lectured print making to hundreds of collectors and students over the years. His work is astounding in his complexity, brilliant in its execution, and emotional in its brooding, at the same time glowing with bright imagery. To attend an exhibition of Juergen’s work is inspiring in its expert handling of the medium, design and color. His work is simply dazzling.

Costs include framing. There is no charge for shipping and handling within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

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HSS-27: 43X43, Ink on Japanese fiber; relief print; Juergen’s prints are gracing collections and mu..
SST(c) -24: 10x10 Ink on Japanese fiber, relief print, chine collé, cotton fiber..
HSS-1: 12x16, Ink on Japanese fiber; relief print Juergen’s prints are gracing collections and muse..
SST(c)-25 16X12 Ink on Japanese fiber, relief print, chine collé, cotton fiber Juergen’s prints are..