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We open the Gallery with a collection of paintings, sculptures and photographs from the imagination and hands of J. Larry Nance, Marsha Dickey, Juergen and Gisela-Heidi Strunck , John Bozeman and Max Corneau whose commonalities are singular moments frozen in time, moments that have been held for years on the one hand, and on the other another the apex of light years in the realizing the images as paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs.

These extraordinary pieces are woven out of natural impressions, some subtle, others hard and glaring and overwhelming in their size, distance and emotional impact. Costs include shipping, handling and Texas sales tax.

Sculpture / Assemblage

Sculpture / Assemblage

Gisela-Heidi Strunck’s work is influenced heavily from the time she lived, studied and worked in India. Her designs are filled with symbols, a melding of the abstract with realism. There are number and repetitious patterns hinting at universal spiritual realities throughout her work. To really appreciate her sculpture is to delight in paying close attention to the details in element placement, materials, and colors all of which come together in as a mantra celebrating life, and life yet to come.

J. Larry Nance’s assemblages are grounded in the mysticism of trees as living, natural spiritual entities and the concept of a Judeo/Christian spirit of God expressed as object containing eternal light remembered in the old Ark of the Covenant recounting, as well as furniture of The Church. These religious symbols, as art crafted by Nance, are shadows of the originals that resided in long lost temples of faith throughout the Southwest, as well as those found today in contemporary New Mexico edifices.

There is no charge for shipping and handling within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

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Path Memory
Gislea-Heidi Strunck: 30x10x7─wenge, lacewood, mahogany, teak, padauk, zebrawood, yellowheart, oak, ..
Path Sentinel
Gislea-Heidi Strunck: 92x16x15─fir, cherry, zebrawood, purpleheart, lacewood, padauk, walnut, birch,..
Image of Path Confidence
Gisela-Heidi Strunck; 38.5x11.5x7.25─wenge, mahogany, yellowheart, alder, oak, gonzalo, alves, purpl..
Path Protagonist
Gislea-Heidi Strunck: 61X17, 1/2X7─maple, pine, oak, purpleheart, mahogany, wenge, birch, clay, copp..
Esprits Blythe Visitez Arbres Verts en Début de Matinée
J. Larry Nance: 3145─ Esprits Blythe Visitez Arbres Verts en Début de Matinée: 8x17.5x15.5, Wood and..
Électrique Arche
J. Larry Nance: 3274─ Électrique Arche: 5x5x 8.25, Wood, electrics, mixed media;..
Image Miroir L'arche
J. Larry Nance: 3334─ Image Miroir L'arche: 8x6x10.5, Metal, mixed media,;..
Ciborium Angelicus
J. Larry Nance: 3352─Ciborium Angelicus: 10x13x4.5, Wood, mixed media,;..
Ciborium Albidus
J. Larry Nance: 3357─ Ciborium Albidus: 5x5x 8.25, Wood, glass, mixed media;..
J. Larry Nance: 3369─ Reliquary: 5x5x 8.25, Bone, mixed media,;..