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We open the Gallery with a collection of paintings, sculptures and photographs from the imagination and hands of J. Larry Nance, Marsha Dickey, Juergen and Gisela-Heidi Strunck , John Bozeman and Max Corneau whose commonalities are singular moments frozen in time, moments that have been held for years on the one hand, and on the other another the apex of light years in the realizing the images as paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs.

These extraordinary pieces are woven out of natural impressions, some subtle, others hard and glaring and overwhelming in their size, distance and emotional impact. Costs include shipping, handling and Texas sales tax.


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Universe is a panorama of new, unique conversations using unconventional prose poetry that uses the universe as a backdrop for lyrical conversations about who we think we are, who we may be, where we are in the cosmos and ultimately going as individuals and societies. "Universe" is dreams, myths, and fairy tales that perplex, move, shock and inspire. A singular experience.