Our fine art offerings for both commercial and personal applications are an extension of The Atelier’s commercial collateral/art initiatives. We work with authors as Literary Agent, and fine artists as Gallery Artist Representative, in designing, editing, printing -and then positioning through Texican Marketing- new works in hardcopy and e-publishing venues, as well as producing, promoting and finding museum quality paintings, photography and sculpture for individual and corporate collections.

Individual performers and global corporations alike benefit from our extensive, proven, and professional new business and communications portfolio of services enhancing and supporting new career development, business and marketing initiatives for global companies designed to enable heightened awareness, increased revenues, productivity, efficiencies/economies of scale, customer satisfaction, and growth.

Business Collateral

Whether you are just starting out or just need your image buffed up, Nance Atelier*Dallas/Texican Marketing, LLC® designs and produces print and electronic communications. We use business, and individual promotional collateral tools (Résumés, CV's, search architecture, interview preparation) to help you express your business intent and talent with uncompromising style: logos to catalogues to website design, development, implementation and management.

Fine Art Acquisition and Consultation

Now, let’s get serious. There’s a lot of stuff out there under the “art” umbrella, everything from piles of dirt to cellophane wrapped buildings. Hey, you want a pile of dirt in your office or foyer, we’ll find the best dirt pile-er in America and shovel up just the right mound for you and let the local museum know it’s available for collaborative PR advantage.

Not exactly? Well, let’s consult and, predicated on your budget, we’ll ferret out a master, or up-and-coming one, that holds promise for you or your business and corporate board room wall, foyer, island estate, living room, gallery, pied-a-terre and bedroom: painting, sculpture, antique auto/motorcycle, furniture, whatever your itch.

Hey, those of you with Garden Wall Art, there’s more to life and your environment and your estate than GWA. There are incredible works out there, contemporary and otherwise, from real talent that, given the roll of the dice, can be a significant investment. The right buy can be a source of personal accomplishment and pride of ownership. It is the satisfaction of knowing you possess a singular creative expression. We know where these art resources are.

Give us the opportunity and we will move you into the artists’ orbits for growth potential, exceptional buys, that will get you out of the local Starving Artist hotel sales and into meaningful, exciting acquisitions.

Want a Modigliani or? We'll find, certify, and install your dream work. All you have to do is call. 

Do take time to visit Gallery Atelier for our latest collection of original paintings, drawings, assemblage, sculpture and photography; commissions upon request, certainly.

Writing: Concept, Design, Production

Nance Atelier*Dallas is your personal writer, editor and proofreader: creatives, speeches, product exposition presentations, technical manuals, proposals, sales brochures, sermons (oh yes we can!), catalogues, website communications copy, love letters, poetry, prose, curriculum vitaes, IPOs, you name it.

And for you authors, we’ll edit your novel, how-to book, poetry, historical, and biographical screed and either turn it into an E-pub and hardcopy product or, predicated on the quality and possibilities, represent your work to potential publishers as fee-based initiatives.


Professors, aspiring novelists and poets, business communications executives: we design print product and executed solutions, managing these print projects from concept to distribution. Magazines, books, brochures, catalogues, love letters, greeting cards, business cards, speeches, sermons (oh yes we can!) whatever the project, we’ll ghostwrite, edit, review, and consult to the finished product.

Electronic, Photo/Cinema Media

Nance Atelier*Dallas still photo, video and cinematography productions include valued safety instruction for major oil and gas companies, as well as customer marketing tools for real estate, financial, aftermarket automotive equipment and repair, retail product, information technology, telecommunications, and medical exposition. We script, design the production, and direct the shoot through post production. Our custom communications visuals and audio exposition provide you and your customers with professional messages reflecting exactly what you and your company are all about and how doing business with you will achieve their goals and contribute to the bottom line.

Are you about to settle for a cookie cutter website design, or do you really crave a different, visible, unique, website tailored to your taste, business personality and singular needs? We’ll help you realize just such a site with elements designed to attract attention, inform, and most importantly, bring your visitors back for more.

We’ll work with you understanding your vision. Then, in carefully crafted stages, we’ll bring your ideas to life. Custom, creative work is not accomplished overnight. Neither does it take forever. We’ll develop a production timeline with you and agree upon a go-live date.

Don’t settle.

Excel with us.


Training is not about adult education, it is about knowledge transfer. It’s about learning as art. It is not about game playing. It is about developing proficiency and doing it with ease, and at the same time acquiring personal satisfaction with the effort.

We write, develop and deliver safety, product, and business operations training, including classroom, and electronic media. We design training to your specifications with a style that engages the learner, gives the learner a sense of satisfaction in participating. Many corporate training programs seem boring and mindless; something to be endured and slogged through.

Adult education, at its best, excites the participant, guides the participant, rewards the participant with substantive information about which the student is tested to success, never with the treat of failure.

Adult education should never be about inducing stress on the participant. It is about sharing information, inviting the student to be a partner in mastering precisely what needs to be mastered, quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

Adult education is about giving the student a sense of accomplishment and pride in taking whatever the course and coming away skilled having mastered what needs to be mastered. We know exactly what knowledge transfer really means and can be, and it is not “corporate training” as you know it.

Consult with us. We’ll put together a training program designed to enhance your bottom line with a smarter, more efficient and confident work force. A work force what will actually enjoy taking the time to have a real knowledge sharing experience.

Well, how much?

Charlie Russell is sitting in a Great Falls Montana bar resting over a yellow gold lager after a hard day’s sculpting. Beside his left hand stands a magnificent, 15” tall, grizzly bear. In comes an eastern dude fresh from his executive suite. The dude takes a stool next to Charlie’s sinister side and admires the bear.

“That’s a nice bear.”

“Yep, damn nice bear.”

“How much for that damn nice bear?”


“$50.00? Well, how about $25.00?”

Charlie pushes his hat back a bit, glances at the dude in the store-bought cowboy shirt with jacquard roses and pearl snap buttons, takes the bear in hand, breaks it in two and quickly fashions an exact replica of the former, sets it down, takes out makings, rolls and lights one, saying after a deep drag: “That’s my $25.00 bear.”

It all depends on the size of the bear.

All we need is your bear size and breed and relevant details. Give us a call. We’ll do lunch at Highland Park Café Pacific in the heart of Dallas (where 99 percent of our business is conducted as they stock Chartreuse and its wonderful over shaved ice) and hammer out the details to your satisfaction, go to an agreeable contract predicated on timelines and bills of material, agree on the bear size and cost meeting your budget, and get it done.

Can’t get to Café Pacific? Call us then. We’ll have lunch brought to you, wherever you are, and do the details by teleconference.

Oh, yes, we’ll also get on the first thing smoking if that’s your thing and you’re really so inclined.

Not hungry, on a diet? Then the phone’s fine…say 9 a.m.? We’ll cover the bases on a call. Same thing. Same attention to detail. Same drive to get you exactly what you want and produce something about which we all can be proud; not an assignment done to the average to “get by”, but one executed as art. That’s our difference. That’s our mission.