Art Consultation

Now, let’s get serious. There’s a lot of stuff out there under the “art” umbrella, everything from piles of dirt to cellophane wrapped buildings. Hey, you want a pile of dirt in your office or foyer, we’ll find the best dirt pile-er in America and shovel up just the right mound for you and let the local museum know it’s available for collaborative PR advantage.

Not exactly? Well, let’s consult and, predicated on your budget, we’ll ferret out a master, or up-and-coming one, that holds promise for you or your business and corporate board room wall, foyer, island estate, living room, gallery, pied-a-terre and bedroom: painting, sculpture, antique auto/motorcycle, furniture, whatever your itch.

Hey, those of you with Garden Wall Art, there’s more to life and your environment and your estate than GWA. There are incredible works out there, contemporary and otherwise, from real talent that, given the roll of the dice, can be a significant investment. The right buy can be a source of personal accomplishment and pride of ownership. It’s the satisfaction of knowing you possess a singular creative expression. We know where these art resources are. Give us the opportunity and we will move you into the artists’ orbits for potential exceptional buys that will get you out of the local Starving Artist’s hotel sales and into meaningful, exciting acquisitions.