There are moments in life with you get it right, you sense the rightness, you know you have either done, or seen, or have been part of, something special, something unique. And it drives you to create: to write, paint, sculpt, whatever, and ultimately share with someone who too catches a spark of this thing and is inspired.

It is this inspiration, a gift of 35,000 snow geese rising en masse each morning that transcends the normal, the mundane. Perhaps their routine rising as one can be explained within the architecture of a natural science devoted to teasing out reasons why.

But the absolute thrill of such a moment, the culmination of their raucous conversations in preparation for their daily flight, their scouts going out and coming back and reporting the possibilities, and then all growing silent, and then, in a magical instant, their silk angel wings rushings as they move into a purple and orange and red dawning sky effortlessly, watching you as they pass happily overhead, transcends any mechanistic, mathematical natural expository construct.

And so, what are we about?

We are about celebrating and passing on these inspirations in everything we do.