Photo/Cinema Media

About Photography

We do it: still, videography and cinematography; all the way from shooting running Oryx for national commercials, to illustrating expositions with Whooping Cranes, to crashing a reception for Lord Charles Percy Snow and having him fall in love with our portrait that became a favorite and employed on his final book jackets, advertisements and promotions, to singing a tribute illustrated with video for a retiring, high profile, CEO. See our "Miracle at Pentecost" on YouTube.

We are as selective and discriminating about what photographic commissions agreed to, as we are producing the final prints and productions shepherded to art, or as close as possible.

For instance, we love to do portraits, document your trips and vacations anywhere in the world, selective personal and corporate events, selective products, nature and location shooting. Weddings we loathe; there’s a number of really great lens persons out there we’ll pass on to you, gratis, for consideration and hire, just give us a call for a recommendation of the best available.

So with all this in mind, call or email; we’ll review your needs and vision, develop a production plan, and produce something memorable either for you or your corporation.