The Glory of Tuskers: Marsha Dickey

The Glory of Tuskers: Marsha Dickey
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Marsha Dickey is a world traveler. She and her camera have a special relationship with the spirit of the east, all of which is captured in her classic portrait of an elephant and its mahout while crossing a tributary of the Ganges on her own pachyderm. She, like Gisela-Heidi Strunck, has been influenced, and has a special affinity for, India, its people and their spirit. Her sojourns in both India and Nepal left a profound impression of both the country and its people, particularly the women.

“The river shot was taken quickly, I had no idea what I was getting until the film was processed later and verified the capturing of that fleeting moment. The elephants, and the women of the country, are special. Both were good to me.”