The Making of 2020

The Making of 2020
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 “2020” is a measure of eyesight, time, events, position, frequency, a physical measure, a celestial element, force, velocity, a definition, example, forecast, retrospection.

Art is the spirit of craft: that which elevates craft to express, involve, change, motivate; that which transcends the mundane and so expresses eternality. Art celebrates vengeance poured over hollow-eyed exiguous, mephitic revenants: partisan lipothymics.

 “2020” is an alternate universe; the invention of another reality; a reaction against placidity, the lies, the maledicent contemporary and historical reinventions of long tongues.

 “2020” —at the same time— is a celebration engaging the quiet of your moment.

 And, “2020” is an interrogative.